Cancun Street Food and Local Markets Tour

Real foodies know, to find the best local cuisine you’ve got to hit the streets and markets. Mexico has some of the best "fast" food in the whole world and Cancun street food will knock you out!.

New York City may have the most famous hot dog vendors around, but discovering the street food in Cancun is a whole new adventure in flavor! From the crack of dawn, as the rooster crows, local vendors start setting up their wares to deliver a quick, affordable and tasty breakfast to Cancunenses on their way to work and school. Breakfast time brings out the "tacos de canasta" or "tacos in a basket", small pockets of delicious frijoles, potato, and meat served with red or green salsa and traditionally delivered through the neighborhood on a bicycle or from the trunk of a car.

Breakfast on the run may mean a stop at one of the local juice and smoothie vendors, the healthiest part of Cancun street food! Fresh tropical fruits blended in the moment just the way you want it, a boost for the day and a delicious way to wake up those taste buds. Be sure to add "chaya", the “Yucatecan spinach” to your juices or smoothies for an extra kick of local flavor and surprising nutritional benefits.

Cancun chefs know that the best place to buy the freshest produce, cheeses and meats is in Mercado 23 aka Market 23 Cancun. This is not a "Cancun tourist market" but it should be! Wandering through the maze of shops your senses will be on full alert, the aromas of earth from the freshly picked vegetables, the shouts of the vendors inviting you to sample their "chicharrón", and the sights of colorful fruits and fabrics and art at every turn. Here you'll also find a stretch of local eateries, the very best of Cancun street food!

Our Cancun cooking class begins with a visit to Market 23 to select the best, freshest ingredients for the feast you will learn to prepare. Our chef will guide you through the Cancun local market teaching you how to select the best produce, meats and seafoods for the perfect Mexican meal. Learning to cook in Cancun is an adventure from start to finish, choose the ingredients and delight your palate, from market to kitchen to plate, you'll be an expert in Mexican cuisine in no time.

When the sun goes down, the food carts come out and the Cancun street food scene comes alive! Tacos and tortas of all kinds are found in downtown Cancun restaurants and street vendors. Try the typical Mexico City treat of "tacos al pastor" or the delightful "tacos de campechano" with their delicious mix of meats which usually includes "chorizo" or "longaniza". Parque las Palapas Cancun is THE place to find a huge variety of street food and the family-friendly vibe and evening entertainment make it a vibrant and exciting place to sample the best food in Cancun. Save room for dessert, the local fave "marquesitas" are a Yucatecan treat that you MUST EAT in Cancun!

Reserve your Cancun food tour today, we'll show you the best of Mexican street food! Our Cancun cooking class is not to be missed, book now!

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