Cancun Cooking Class

Learn how to cook several Mexican traditional dishes, a very tasty dessert & the secret for a perfect margarita with our Cancun Cooking Class.

  • Go hands in with our Cancun Cooking Class & learn the secrets of Mexican cuisine under the directions of our expert chef.
  • Take a visit to a traditional “Mercado” & learn to choose the best ingredients for Mexican recipes.
  • Cook your own hand-made tortillas & sopes. Believe us, you haven’t tried a tortilla this flavorful.
  • The Molcajetes and Comales are traditional utensils used in Mexican cuisine, become an expert on how to use them.
  • Why is guacamole in Mexico different? Learn the secret for you to impress your friends back home.
  • Get exclusive discounts to the best places to eat in Cancun through our partnerships.

What to expect from the Aromas of Mexico Cooking Class in Cancun

Taking cooking classes in Cancun will definitely be one of the best things to do in Cancun. After your hotel pick up our chef will take you straight to one of the most visited local markets in Cancun. Get ready to delight your senses with the colors, sounds and scents the market morning activity. Stroll around through different food sections and immerse yourself in the smell of different herbs, vegetables, meat and sea food. Our chef will tell show you how to choose freshest items for our cooking class.

Once you arrive to our venue, refreshments, fresh fruit, water/coffee will be provided. Our venue offers an intimate setting at one of the best Mexican restaurants in Cancun which opened more than 40 years ago. Spend the next 3 hours learning the tricks behind great Mexican traditional cooking and listening about the origins behind each dish and how they came to be. Experience the real warmth of a Mexican kitchen using traditional tools like Molcajete (stone mortar), Comal (flat griddle) and clay pots.

Cook an amazing lunch from tacos, sopes, enchiladas, guacamole, margaritas and more!