Frecuently Asked Questions

Yes, all our food tours include pick up/drop off from your hotel to the different restaurants that will be included in your tour. We provide private vans with A/C, they’re comfortable enough for the whole party, and are driven by a certified driver.

We allow to schedule changes only if is provided with a 24-hour notice before the date of your tour. For full refund cancellations, we require to be notified 7 days in advance. If the tour is cancelled before a 24-hour notice, only a 50% refund will take place. Unfortunately, if the tour is cancelled after that 24-hour mark, we can’t provide a refund.

Yes, alcohol is part of Mexican gastronomy and we feel it should be considered as part of the experience. However, for underage and people who do not wish to drink alcohol, we have non-alcoholic options on all the beverages. Additionally, water is served throughout all our tours.

Our tours are mostly made for adults 18+, kids 10+ and we strongly recommend to respect the restriction since we want the tour to be pleasant to all our guests.

Mexican food is full of flavor and some of our plates are made with some spices that might be considered strong. However, our chefs have prepared less-mild versions of each plate to avoid any unpalatable flavors that can be enjoyable for everyone without any risk.

Yes, when booking your tour, please select how many vegan menus you would like to book so the plates are considered in the mix.

We can provide substitutions for vegetarians & spicy food considerations as we’ve explained. However, we cannot provide substitutions for any other allergies or dietary preferences. Allergies and preferences must be indicated at the time of ticket purchase. Please notify us of any serious allergies so we can tell you which food(s) to avoid.

Some of the restaurants are between a 15-min walking distance of each other. Which is why we providing the transportation for the entirety of the tour. This will make the experience more comfortable.

Currently we accept Paypal payments, money requests, and credit cards

All our tours are designed and tested to provide a complete meal for an average adult. Most participants will feel full after our combination of drinks & food tastings along with breaks and introductions from our tour guide.

Yes, cameras are allowed on the tour. We encourage foodies to share the experience and take photos during our tour. We would love you sharing the experience on networks as TripAdvisor, Facebook or Yelp.

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