Masks of México - Lucha libre tour in Cancun, Tacos and Margaritas!

Spice your vacation up with a true adrenaline-fueled Mexican Fiesta by watching a live Lucha Libre show in Cancun, tasting a variety of delicious tacos, and savoring authentic refreshing Margaritas!

Learn the history and secrets of Mexican wrestling, how everything started back in 1840, why “Luchadores” wear a mask, if Nacho Libre is real, and a full explanation of the rules so you can cheer with the locals as one of them!

Lucha libre is more than colorful masks, rapid sequences of holds, acrobatics and flying attacks. It is part of Mexican’s culture and we are here to prove it!

Even when this is a public event, only few are allowed to get in, as the entrance is hidden in a restaurant’s kitchen (speakeasy).

Forget worrying about how to get to the location, we have solved everything for you with transportation from and to your hotel!

Lucha libre is not lucha libre without the snacks

  • Esquites
  • Chicharrones
  • Homemade popcorn

Dinner is also part of the show, Mexican families usually have dinner at lucha libre. For food we offer 5 different tacos, guacamole, frijoles charros, grilled onion, salsas.

Don’t forget about drinks, Margarita and beer are also included.

  • Get your Margarita served in a branded 22 oz. yard (and take it home a souvenir).
  • Wear your own Lucha Libre mask (and take it home a souvenir).
  • Learn how to do hand-made  tortillas (make and eat your own!).
  • Listen to an authentic “Mariachi” band live. 
  • Walk through the first park in town +50 years old (now used as a night market).
  • Free Tequila Tasting:
    • Taste 5 different tequilas
    • Learn how to taste it properly to enhance flavor and smell of each kind of Tequila
    • Learn how to find and select good tequilas. Never be fooled again!
    • Learn easy but delicious tequila cocktails récipes

Learn the process and effort put behind every Tequila bottle

Lucha libre in Cancun, Tacos and Margaritas Tickets

  • Adults (+12) $119
  • Kids (5-11) $89

Hotel pick-up and drop-off.

Veggie and Vegan Options

Thursdays: 6:00 Pm - 3.5 hour activity

Free Tequilia tasting booking online!

Included / Not Included

What to expect from our Lucha libre tour in Cancun, Tacos and Margaritas Tour

Start your experience with a prompt and comfortable hotel pick up.

Meet your friendly English speaking local guide, who will escort you through the whole tour. 

Our guide will explain everything that has to do with Lucha Libre and its relation with Mexican families.

You’ll also learn the rules and interesting facts, so that you can truly enjoy the show.

Itinerary featuring 5 stops:

  1. Enjoy a refreshing beer and regional snacks at a local taquería where the owners are true Lucha Libre fans. You’ll be able to find out just by watching the posters on the walls and the shows played on the TV.
  2. Visit to El Palacio Municipal (Government’s Hall). Take a picture and learn abour our city’s history.
  3. Visit to Parque de las Palapas, the first park in town, now used as a night market. Enjoy a delicious “esquite” (corn in a cup).
  4. Dinner at the most iconic Mexican restaurant in Cancun, La Parrilla which is 47 years old.
    1. 5 tacos: Pastor, chorizo, Arrachera steak, pork chop, chicken.
    2. “Frijoles charros” (beans soup).
    3. Guacamole
  1. Lucha Libre show with a fair atmosphere, and food stalls around.
    1. Chicharrones
    2. Palomitas
    3. Churros

Our menu considers options and substitutions for any food preference or restriction:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegans
  • Gluten free
  • Allegies
  • Not drinking alcohol

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer hotel pick-up and drop off on air conditioned vans. For your total comfort the transfers between the different places we visit, are also included.

Plans have changed? Reschedule or cancel with no cost, just let us know at least 12 hours in advance. Unfortunately, if the tour is canceled after that 12-hour mark, this will be considered a No-Show and no refund will be provided.


Yes, all of our tours are family-friendly. Our tours are recommended for +6 years old kids, however all ages are welcome.

Yes, we consider all dietery preferences and restrictions (allergies, ect). After completing your booking you’ll be asked about your needs, and all menus are adapted accordingly.


All of our tours are designed and tested to provide a complete meal for an average adult. Most participants will feel full after our combination of drinks & food tastings along with breaks and introductions from our tour guide. Our guide will make sure everyone is full before finishing the tour!


Yes, cameras are allowed on the tour. We love our guests to share their experience. Remember to tag us! Find us as @cancunfoodtours in all major networks such as Instagram, TripAdvisor, Facebook or Yelp.