Our Selection of the 10 best of local restaurants in Cancun

One of the many things to do in Cancun besides the usual tours is trying out the local food! Cancun is famous for it's pristine beaches, amazing mayan ruins, excellent water sports & more. But in recent years, travelers have been more and more interested in having a closer approach to the daily life and local customs of people living in Cancun.

As Cancun grows as a city, also it's food traditions which there are plenty. The reason for this is that people from all over Mexico are moving to Cancun thanks to the vast amount of job opportunities, bringing with them their food traditions. This has made Cancun the home many flavors of all Mexico in one city!

We in Cancun Food Tours have witnessed this culinary growth and have been exposed to the flourishing of amazing restaurants that have become iconic and necessary for the life of a Local. And we've come to love this places but, why keep this info only for us? We want to share it with you! That's why we've created this list of the 10 best local restaurants in Cancun.

"Las cazuelas"

This restaurant is known for having the taste of Mexico City! From the typical "pancita" to "tacos de barbacoa de res (beef)" here you´ll feel like a true Mexican. You even can try an ancient beverage called "pulque" a sauce made from this drink, our favorite "Salsa borracha"!

La borrega

The highlight of this restaurant is the original "tacos de barbacoa" made from lamb instead of beef. A very nice place to taste for the first time this kind of tacos & even if you have tried them before, "La Borrega" is going to delight you with its original taste of the typical "taco stand" from Mexico City .


This list would be missing the most important local culinary place without "Labná". Home of the Yucatecan food in Cancun, this restaurant has a lovely ambiance & great food. The highlight is the "papadzul" an odd but delicious ancient Mayan food! Highly recommended for foodies in Cancun!

La Parrilla

Probably the restaurant that best defines what Mexico is! The menu is mixed between classic Mexican dishes & new additions more usual for this times (like wings, stuffed jalapeños & nachos, just for mention a few)! The ambient created here, with live mariachi, nice people & "tacos de pastor y tacos de arrachera" makes "la parrilla" the favorite stop for most of our costumers! A must for every traveler!

Kiosko verde

"Kiosko Verde" has some of the top-notch seafood in all Cancun & it even has their mixed dishes from different states. The perfect example & what we think its the highlight dish from this restuarant is the ceviche "tostada" mixed with grasshoppers & the best beverage for this dish "mezcal" (both from Oaxaca state). A different culinary adventure for sure!

Tacos rigo

The menu goes from breakfast to supper, a nice option for visiting anytime in the day! But, the name says it all. The tacos here are phenomenal! Especially the "suadero" taco! Also, this restaurant is home of the famous sauce "the end of the world" made from habanero & eaten only for the bravest!


One of the younger spots for tacos on this list, but that doesn't mean they aren´t good! The specialty of this restaurant is (again) tacos! Their combinations are very original & the flavor of the tacos are new & tasty! Plus, the building is decorated with a wall full of posters from Mexican movies which helps to build a really unique ambient! The kind of restaurant you´ll only encounter here in Cancun!

La ressabrosa

Again, one of the youngers of this list, that means there here for a reason! More tacos on the way with this restaurant, the menu is like a "VIP line up" with "cattle prod" tacos & a fondue mixed with sausge & pork rind just for mention a few! The food is very tasty, the attention is nice & the sauces are variated, what else could you ask for a taco joint?


The last but not the least! The "Tarascos" will take your taco experience to a whole new experience, from the well known "tacos de pastor" through "arrachera" & even "quesadillas" (tortilla with cheese). With this restaurant, your Mexican food experience will be complete!

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