Best places to eat in Cancun

The million-dollar question when traveling always is where should we eat?

Millions of tourists that come to Cancun question themselves and are offer with an array of not so convincing answers. Should we go downtown? Should we stayin in the Hotel? Should we eat in the Hotel Zone? Are these tourist traps? These are some of the questions that tourist often have to face while in their Cancun Vacation.

Luckily for you we've gathered a list of the best restaurants in Cancun or simply places where people love to eat in Cancun that can serve as a Cancun Travel Tips:

Cancun Top Places To Eat

  • Labná

    - This is the place where you will find food from the Peninsula de Yucatan. Food made with ingredients directly from the Mayan culture.
  • La Parrilla

    - A food gem offering Cancun locals & tourists traditional Mexican dining experience.
  • La Dolce Vita

    - Traditional Italian food (not what you’re used to) just in the heart of downtown.
  • Kiosko Verde

    - Right where it all started, Kiosko Verde has been serving seafood since Cancun was just a fishermen’s town.
  • Lorenzillo's

    - A favorite for all visitors, eat fresh lobster in an incredible setting right by the lagoon.
  • La Habichuela

    - Since 1977 serving delicious Mexican fusion cuisine at the heart of downtown.
  • Fish Market Marbella

    - Hole in the wall. They prepare the seafood you want the way you like which will be at the end something to remember.
  • Peter's restaurant

    - Practically new, this European restaurant is serving delicious food since its opening to locals & tourists alike.

When we created our intention was to drive tourists closer to real Mexican Food. Mexican food in Cancun is just more than tacos, especially due to the influence of the Mayan Culture in the Yucatan Peninsula. In Cancun & The Yucatan Peninsula you will find ingredients, spices, dishes and flavors that you will not find in any other place in the world, not even in Mexico.

That is why we created the Flavors of Mexico Food Tour or the Colors of Mexico Taco Tour Cancun, to bring you closer to the best food in Cancun. Our idea is to show the world what we as Mexicans chose to eat instead of you experiencing what most people are used to seeing when traveling in the area.

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