Top 5 Traditional Mexican Drinks

Top 5 Traditional Mexican Drinks

Mexico is without a doubt one of the countries with the tastiest and most ancient drinks and meal recipes. We are very proud of our gastronomy legacy, so we want to share a couple of our favorite Traditional Mexican drinks with you.

Traditional Mexican Cocktails

Mexican Margarita. One sip of this Mexican drink transports you to a beach under the bright warm sun. It’s the perfect fusion of sweet, salty, and sour flavors in a glass. It only takes white tequila, lime juice, agave nectar, and salt to create this masterpiece. Learn to prepare your own in our Cancun Cooking Class.

Mexican Mule. The Mexican version of the famously recognized Russian mule was created in the late 19th century from the ideal mashup of vodka and ginger beer served in a copper mug that kept it cool and bettered its flavor and scent.

The flavorful, sour, and spicy Mexican Mule swaps vodka for tequila. This drink is perfect for a hot day and you only need lime juice, ginger beer, and a copper mug filled with ice.

Michelada Beer. This cold and deep reddish beverage is a tasty and sour mix, much like Bloody Mary. The ingredients in a michelada are an intriguing combination of flavors. Every restaurant and region of Mexico has its own way of preparing it, but its base will always be the same: tomato juice, beer, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and hot sauce. 

Mexican Horchata

The ideal non-alcoholic that Mexicans love is horchata, a popular cooling beverage made from ground rice, milk, and cinnamon. Pairs wonderfully with a good taco.

Mexican Pulque

Pulque is an alcoholic beverage whose consumption dates back to pre-Hispanic times. Pulque is a traditional beverage made from the fermentation of agave or maguey and has a thick and viscous consistency. In pre-Hispanic times this drink was kept for the gods, their representatives on earth (like priests), elders, and warriors. Now we can all enjoy this drink and testify of how great this ancient creation is.

Champurrado, an Ancient Traditional Mexican Drink for winter

If you’re looking for something sweet to warm up from the freezing temperatures, this ancient variant of atole is one of the favorites traditional Mexican drinks. It’s made with corn dough (which gives it a thick consistency) and flavored with either dark chocolate or actual cocoa beans. Champurrado exist since the Aztec era, and the recipe is still intact.

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