What food is Cancun famous for? The tantalizing tastes of the Mexican Caribbean

“What food is Cancun famous for?” is one of the questions we receive most often from guests on our Cancun food tours. The cuisine of Mexico is regarded as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO, each region of the country offering up its own unique dishes and flavors.
So, what does a young city like Cancun bring to the table? A lot of influence from pre-hispanic Mayan dishes, the offerings of the sea and the cuisine from the neighboring state of Yucatan. Cancun was built by people from all over Mexico and you can find this reflected in the wide range of incredible dishes you’ll discover.

Cochinita Pibil in Cancun: The Champion of Yucatan Cuisine

Once you have tasted cochinita pibil, you will be hooked. It’s absolutely addictive and probably the most famous dish from the Yucatan cookbook. The Spanish brought the pigs and the ancient Mayans added the spices and cooking techniques to create a savory, suave, and sensational dish.
Pork is marinated in achiote and sour orange, wrapped in banana leaves and buried underground to be slow-cooked by hot rocks. It is a traditional breakfast dish but is enjoyed all day long in tacos or tortas garnished with pickled onions and spicy habanero salsa. You can find it all over the city, join us for our Cancun food tour and you can taste our faves!

Tikin Xic Fish in Cancun: Gift of the Sea and the Ancient Maya

Tikin Xic fish is a real Cancun treat, the freshest catch of grouper or snapper is marinated in achiote much like the cochinita pibil and either cooked in a pit or over a wood fire grill. Melt in your mouth fish fantasy, tikin xic is generally served as a whole fish and is a family affair to share with rice, tortillas and cold micheladas to quench your thirst. Isla Mujeres tikin xic is a MUST, if you find the right place you’ll meet your fisherman coming in from the sea and choose from the day’s catch, the freshest fish you will ever taste with the most fabulous Mayan touch.

What food is Cancun famous for? Category is Dessert: The Sweet Street Treat of the Marvelous Marquesita

The marquesita is a regional treat, unique to the Yucatan Peninsula. Made to order on the spot, a marquesita is a crepe-like creation with your choice of fillings like Nutella, fruity jams or cajeta and topped with Edam cheese. This is Cancun street food heaven, look for the brightly lit carts in Parque las Palapas and order your personal marquesita flavor magic. This portable dessert lets you wander, people watch and soak up the vibes of downtown Cancun as you enjoy a sweet treat.

Join us for a Cancun food tour to discover all the flavors of Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula

We can’t wait to show you around and introduce you to the cuisine of Cancun and Mexico. What food is Cancun famous for? Contact us today, reserve your spot on our Cancun food tour and taste the iconic dishes of the Mexican Caribbean, don’t just read about them!